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Cris Jacobs

cris-jacobs-71quickly garnered the admiration of a variety of predecessors and peers: rock legend Steve Winwood saw Jacobs perform in 2014 and soon invited him to open his national tour. The following year, Sturgill Simpson extended the same invitation. Never limited by genre, Jacobs and New Orleans heavyweight Ivan Neville recorded a collaborative album under the band name Neville Jacobs, which will be released in 2017. As an adapting, evolving, versatile musician who has survived on his own merit, Jacobs continues to win over audiences of many tastes, as he brings his characteristic authenticity and soul to every set.Jacobs feels there are common threads across many genres of music, and he has harnessed over a decade of trans-genre exploration on his second solo album, Dust to Gold, released in 2016, from American Showplace Music. The album is a soul-stirring expression of the current chapter of his creative evolution, featuring twelve well-crafted songs that masterfully weave through the sweet and rugged landscape of soul, country, folk, blues, gospel, and rock and roll. Through every turn, one can easily feel Jacobs reverence to his influences, but the result is an original, eclectic record with a sound that is authentically his. In a given moment, Jacobs guitar playing is gritty, soulful, rich, and lyrical. Its subtle, yet adventurous. His voice is at once sweet and sultry, with a honeyed whiskey croon that delivers his thoughtful, expressive lyrics. I know that the well I seek is bound to be the deepest of all been ever told I know that to plant a seed is alchemy, we can watch the dust turn into goldSo sings the hypnotic refrain in Turn Into Gold, a meditative slide-guitar rocker where Jacobs sings about channeling the muse, or tapping the source, as he calls it. Its about the desire to be enraptured in the mystery, the unknown, the questions, the answers all at once, Jacobs describes. This is the place in which his songwriting occurs, and from where Jacobs performances der
February 23, 2018
February 23, 2018
MilkBoy Philadelphia 1100 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 United States
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