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darlingside-03#39; in a video game is another chance or another path, and the ability to continue, reveals Paseltiner. We read an article about Mario Brothers and the development of Nintendo in The Economist. With that first track on the album, Auyon had been conducting a lyrics experiment where he was writing from the viewpoint of Mario stuck in a video game. We then ended up taking our songs beyond the confines of that video game experiment, identifying with some of its themes like either feeling stuck in a certain dimension and having a desire to break into the next one or what it means to break beyond the sphere we are stuck inthe present. The album goes through a series of songs that deal with that.As Best Of The Best Of Times posits, I wonder whether our days are unnumbered, if were truly heading towards Game Over. Neither Extralife nor its creators have any solutions. On the other hand, Orion offers some guidance as to preventing the what is now from cementing the what might be explored across this brave new album: The beach is just a line in the sand / The tide is in the palm of your hand / Its looking like the start or the end / Either way ahead is around the bend. Perhaps by moving beyond our preconceptionsgoing Extralifewe can create an amazing future by steering this world towards something incredible. That all makes up the definition of extraordinary.
March 30, 2018
March 30, 2018
Union Transfer 1026 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123 United States
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Concerts & Music
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