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Concerts & MusicWith their nuanced songwriting and inventive sensibilities, flor use their songs to explore feelings of longing and heartache, anxiety and self-doubt. On their debut album come out, youre hiding, singer/guitarist Zach Grace, bassist Dylan Bauld, guitarist McKinley Kitts, and drummer Kyle Hill alternately magnify and brighten those feelings by dreaming up an intensely cinematic take on synth-driven alt-pop. But for all its transportive melodies and triumphant mood, come out, youre hiding was born from a place of painful vulnerability.Making this album has really been about me coming out my shell and getting over whatever block I have about letting people know whats going on in my head, says Grace, who serves as chief lyricist for the L.A.-based, Oregon-bred band. A lot of people probably struggle with believing in themselves that way, and the albums a testament to overcoming that.Mostly recorded in Baulds bedroom studio, with its title nodding to Graces reclusive tendencies, come out, youre hiding achieves its intimate feel thanks partly to a process that flor adopted soon after moving to L.A. Id started experimenting with different production styles, and I ended up coming up with these sounds that werent anything like what wed done before, recalls Bauld, flors main producer. Ever since then, Ill make a basic track and take it to Dylan, and hell build it from there, adds Grace. Starting out on my own makes writing a little easier, he continues. I can get it all out in a very journal-like way, and then pull back and process things a bit before putting it all out into the world.Not only essential in instilling come out, youre hiding with unfettered honesty, flors creative approach has shaped their singular sound. Mixed by Andrew Maury (Atlas Genius, Panama Wedding), come out, youre hiding infuses its crystalline textures with the heavy guitars and fierce drumming that flors long brought to their live show. We used to hold ourselves back and try to keep it simple, but n
February 18, 2018
February 18, 2018
World Cafe Live World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 United States
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Concerts & Music
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