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The Wood Brothers

the-wood-brothers-24#39;s supposed to do, explains Oliver. I was writing literally, at first, about how scary it must be when people lose power and communication with those they love. But then the lyrics became a metaphor for something more interpersonal. And by the end of this summer, it seemed to take on new meaning yet again. Though emotional struggle is a recurring thread, so is the comforting truth of how much wisdom comes from the hard times. The song Happiness Jones, was based on a news article Oliver read about how our society is addicted to happiness, antidepressants, and the distorted happy reality social media can depict. As a result, people feel like its unnatural to be sad, yet. sadness can be a gift: All of my wisdom came from all the toughest days / I never learned a thing bein happy / all of my sufferin came / I didnt appreciate it / I never learned a thing being happy. While the majority of One Drop of Truth was written and recorded as a group, the standout track Strange As It Seems, described by Chris as, a classic Oliver song, was an exception. I had recorded it a couple months before Chris and Jano added their parts, so I was excited to see what they would do with it. We talked a lot about it having a dreamlike quality to it. Chris has all these cool sound effects that he can make with the bowed bass, and then Jano played the melodica and the piano on it, and they added exactly the atmosphere that it needed, explains Oliver. Conceptually, I almost think of it like a Tim Burton movie, where you go to sleep, and you go into this dream world, to meet your lover, but you do so with purpose. You bring your wallet, you get dressed up, youre going on a date. The idea being, that you rendezvous in the dream. One of my favorite things about any song is ambiguity, leaving it open to interpretation. Maybe the man and woman in this song are already married, and theyre on separate sides of the bed, and theyre disconnected, so theyre hoping to find a better version of a partner i
January 28, 2018
January 28, 2018
Union Transfer 1026 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123 United States
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Concerts & Music
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